Le Vōlt is the first generation of real estate for the storage of luxury automobiles; a facility with exclusive security measures to protect the entrusted vehicles, equipped with an exquisite private members' club specially designed for automobile enthusiasts and collectors.

"Le Vōlt is also a refuge for its members, who share the same passion and inspiration for automotive sports."

location for collectors of luxury automobiles. At the heart of this revolutionary concept are custom-built vehicle parking spaces, whose elaborate design has been conceived for the protection and safe keeping of classic cars and modern supercars. Le Vōlt is also a refuge for members who share the same passion and inspiration for automotive sports.

A place where the collective of members can interact, engage, have fun and create shared memories. This iconic yet discrete destination stage offers a new kind of membership experience and is seen as an extension of members' personal space.


Le Vōlt is a groundbreaking high-end solution for car lovers and collectors - an absolutely unique way to protect your luxury vehicle and keep it in pristine condition at all times. condition. A technically sophisticated guardian and curator that sets a new standard for vehicle safety and storage worldwide and is only available in limited quantities.

Each vehicle parking space is designed to fit the ethical requirements of the club facility. The 20 m2 vehicle bays, clad in m armor and elegantly furnished, offer a great great protection that makes owners feel safe even when traveling abroad. Each parking space is thermoregulated, fire-protected, set to the ideal humidity level and monitored by video around the clock. video surveillance around the clock, so that absolute safety is guaranteed for every vehicle entrusted to it. The comprehensive range of comforts also includes the fact that drive-in access is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The comprehensive range of comforts also includes 24-hour driv e-in access 365 days a year and, on request, a concierge service to help you keep your vehicle in immaculate condition.


The architecture has been designed to inspire and appropriately reflect the members. A futuristic façade with its impressive wave-like structure envelops the ultra-modern vehicle bays distributed over vehicle parking spaces spread over several floors. The outstanding feature is the elegant roof terrace, which can be reached by car via an automatic elevator and is welcomed by the service staff. service staff.

Custom-made and timeless furniture elegantly connects each area of Le Vōlt, giving the different spaces a unique character that suits every s timmung. Collaborations with modern artists and galleries are carefully selected to fill each floor with elements to be discovered.

Le Vōlt is a place for like-minded people with an enviable calendar of events running through its core programming, setting the tone for bringing the club's desirable substance to life. bring to life.

"The standout feature is the elegant rooftop terrace area, accessed by car via an automatic elevator and greeted by service staff."


For wine lovers, there is a world-class wine cellar where you can taste the best en vogues from award-winning wineries, carefully selected by Le Vōlt sommelier. So you can taste special "Wine Flights", sign up for unique terroir tastings or simply enjoy the best drops from all over the world - no wish remains unfulfilled.

Members can also rent wine cellar rooms, which are appropriately cared for and managed by the in-house sommelier. These individual cellars have the same level of security as the rest of the facility, including video surveillance facility, including video surveillance and a thermoregulated environment, so that when you visit, you can pick up a bottle or case via multi-level security access.


Thanks to this holistic and upscale lifestyle approach, Le Vōlt will be one of Zurich's gastronomic highlights. A team of world-class chefs, sommeliers, and mixologists has been assembled here to create create an immersive experience of culinary excellence, where expertly selected seasonal ingredients, wines and spirits form the basis of an utterly unique dining experience in a enchanting garden oasis.

A world first, Le Vōlt will collaborate with a continuous and ever-changing line-up of internationally recognized, award-winning chefs. As a pop-up in Zurich, Le Vōlt will offer the most desirable offering the most sought-after menus from around the world.


A penthouse terrace with retractable roof and bar crowns Le Vōlt in Zurich, making it the best location to enjoy a drink in the Fr eien. Gleaming copper elements blend seamlessly with the m ahogany floors, while classic fenders adorn the nine-meter-long fireplace, creating a unique place worth visiting any time of year. The elegant cocktail menu offers a unique selection of spirits and fine wines and invites you to go on a journey, with Le Vōlt's expert mixologists and sommeliers guiding you through the carefully selected menu.

rushing celebrations are available several areas that can be reserved for each event to meet the needs of each member. Each ambience is unique, discr et and can be customized for brand events: the perfect backdrop for varied entertainment and successful storytelling.

"Each ambiance is unique, discr et and can be customized for brand events: the perfect backdrop for diverse entertainment and successful storytelling."


An exquisite collection of the best en cigars in the world is offered in Le Vōlt's carefully selected humidor.

The elegant interior with leather sofas, gilded walls and Art Deco lamps is inspired by the glamorous "speakeasies" of the 1920s. No detail has been overlooked here, from the carefully textured ambience, to the r affinated interior, to the meticulously compiled cigar menu.

An environment that is an ode to the complexity of individual tastes, where you can enjoy limited edition hand-rolled cigars during important conversations, creating historical moments. moments of historical experience.

"An environment that sees itself as an ode to the complexity of individually oriented taste..."


To continue the experiential experience that Le Vōlt offers, members can reserve the state-of-the-art movie theater or book a specific number of seats.

Relax, take a break and enjoy the ambience of luxurious comfort at this iconic movie theater - the ultimate indulgence when you want to escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in the big screen while the lure of Hollywood's golden years lights up your mind's eye. Le Vōlt Cinema screens a diverse selection of films, from well-known classics to the latest en Oscar contenders.


The spa and gym at Le Vōlt offer a new kind of wellness location that brings together cutting-edge therapists and caregivers, award-winning brands, innovative and proven treatments, and state-of-the-art equipment and fitness techniques together.

A gym that is not only perfectly positioned technologically, but is also a retreat that offers ultimate privacy and at the same time world-renowned wellness and health experts in an immaculate environment. Here, you can take advantage of a customized and exclusive program available to every member, based on the latest wellness data to meet your goals based on the latest wellness data.

"A gym that is not only perfectly positioned technologically, but is also a retreat that provides ultimate privacy..."


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